11/17/15: #289- Spills Are a Riot
10/28/15: #288- Super Smash Bros.: Lord of the Edge
10/24/15: #287- Human Transmutation
10/17/15: #286- Sheff’s Party
10/03/15: #285- Josh Jokes
09/26/15: #284- Phaser
08/10/16: Peridot Promo
06/09/16: Vector 1000
06/09/16: #0- Welcome… To My CASTLE OF DREAMS (V.2)
06/01/16: League of Legends Infographic
04/18/16: Vector Teemo
01/05/16: Winter Night
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8/10/16: Portfolio Peridot Promo
6/09/16: Portfolio Vector 1000
6/01/16: Portfolio League of Legends Infographic
4/18/16: Portfolio Vector Teemo
1/05/16: Portfolio Winter Night
12/18/15: Portfolio PCM 404 Page Not Found
12/15/15: Portfolio "Lux vs. Diana" Commission
12/04/15: Portfolio PCM Newsletter Link Graphic
11/22/15: Portfolio PCM Store Link Graphic
11/20/15: Portfolio PCM Calendar Link Graphic
11/17/15: 1000 #289- Spills Are a Riot
10/24/15: 1000 #287- Human Transmutation
10/17/15: 1000 #286- Sheff’s Party
10/10/15: Portfolio PCM Poro T-shirt Design
10/03/15: 1000 #285- Josh Jokes
9/26/15: 1000 #284- Phaser
9/17/15: 1000 #280- What’s a Hiatus?
8/31/15: Portfolio Commission: Teemo
7/20/15: Portfolio Seasons
1/12/15: Portfolio Digital Self Portrait
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Disqus Now Available
Posted 10/20/2015 at 9:45:08 AM
Disqus has now been enabled across the site! Simply sign in via Disqus or your social media of choice, and you'll be able to comment on any content page on this site! If you are one of the few who created an L80 account before the switch, all of your credentials have been removed from the database. Enjoy!
Comments System Overhaul
Posted 09/19/2015 at 1:43:56 PM
Hi everyone! We'll soon be removing the specialized user and comment system, and replacing it with Disqus. Disqus is a universal commenting system that allows readers to sign in with their Facebook, Twitter, or Disqus account to comment, making it easier for you to leave your mark on your favorite comics/art! 

In other news, 1000 is back from a two and a half year hiatus!

Thanks for visiting the site.
Updates Coming Soon
Posted 12/22/2012 at 1:26:35 PM
Just a quick update to let you all know that there should be some site updates over Winter break. We'll be looking at tackling the following additions before Winter quarter resumes:
  • Chapters
  • A forum
  • music integration with articles
  • fleshing out user login, registration, and editting
  • email notifications
Thank you for being an early site user!
1000's New Introduction
Posted 09/04/2012 at 1:55:21 AM
        Just a quick update letting you all know that instead of working on Grad Night: 2AM, I updated 1000's introductory page! It's been brought into line with the most recent updates and looks much better, in my opinion. Thanks for reading! The original Intro comic page for 1000 is now in Art Corner, so if you'd like to compare and see what's changed, feel free to.