Jacob's comments:
  • Aaaand that makes 100. It's been fun. Here's to 100 more. or 900. What.
  • I have not seen or heard these two before or since this happened.
  • I used an older shirt for me in this comic because that was what I was wearing in the comic in January. When I do more comics that happened in the past, I will do the same. Speaking of which, starting in the comic after next, I will be posting a five-part mini series called "I Remember". They're all scripts I had back from the very beginning of the comic (7th grade), that I originally threw out for one reason or another (usually because I couldnt draw poses needed for it). In the meantime, though, the next comic takes place with a group of people that haven't been in the comic yet; the people I sit with at lunch (Mini story: I started sitting with other people because: Jacob, and when Semester 1 ended, Brandon had a different lunch).