Jacob's comments:
  • Ok, I lied. I couldn't wait until Monday. Here's the start of the repeatedly delayed miniseries: Looking Back 2! Of the five, four will take place in 8th grade, and one in 7th. The other day, I realized Brandons hair was alot darker than I thought, so I have changed it from here on out.

  • Aah. So many good memories of this table at lunch. Comics 7, 16, 23, and 30 took place here. You may be interested to hear that this was the only round table in all of the cafeteria. See, at the beginning of 8th grade, a lot of new people joined our grade, crowding the cafeteria at Rainier Middle School. It also didn't help that they took one of the 11 tables and set it aside specifically for people woth lunch detention. Did I mention that one table can seat over 20 people? And that, on average, there were only about 5 people with lunch detention? I really hope that was just an oversight on the principals part. Anyways, I asked the vice, and he let us have our very own round table. Laycie, Amerie, Teyanna, Paige, and friends would often raid our table and stay there while we tried to eat. They would then slink back to their tables, and descreitly drag Hunter back with them.

  • Tomorrow: Glued To Your Seat, with Paige!