Jacob's comments:
  • It was Hunter's birthday, so we went to the AMC to see District 9. On our way out we got hit up by this religious guy. The back of the cards has some religious stuff- dunno what. I skimmed it, it went from "this is an optical illusion" straight into a Bible quote. This optical illusion = God thing is crasping, but I suppose it isn't any worse than the last one where they handed out fake Million dollar bills.

  • I'd like to mention this is in no way a jab at the religion the guy was preaching- just a comment on how their way of trying to get new followers isn't all that great.

  • Lets play the "name those stores" game! NAME THOSE STORES

  • In the next week, I'll be updating two more times. Hunters' birthday was fun.

  • In other news, school starts September 9th. School tennis starts August 24th, and I'm going out for it.