Jacob's comments:
  • Holidays of October 2nd, 2009
    Name Your Car Day (Greg and his tailpipes)
    Guardian Angels Day (someone is watching over you, but it isn't that stalker)
    Lee's National Denim Day (I do not get this one... just wear pants or something)
    National Diversity Day (when Mexicans, Asians, and Africans can come together and pick on another minority)
    National Fallen Fire Fighters Weekend
    Techies Day (Let's not beat them up?)
    Phileas Fee's Wager Day (wat)
    World Farm Animals Day (too bad the Puyallup Fair is over)
    National Custodial Workers Day (if you puked all over the floor on October 2nd, you didn't celebrate)
    World Smile Day (no)
  • Now.... onto more fun things. In this comic are a total of 15 ghosts hidden throughout the 4 panels. CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL??!?! List them and we'll see! (I'm considering doing this every comic this month, depending on how much you guys like it... so let me know if you liked looking for them, along with where they are)