Jacob's comments:
  • My contempt for swearing was previously brought up in that one comic nobody read (Don't Forget DL-6).
  • Hopefully, though, this one clears up things a bit. And, to answer Joshes question from THAT comic, No, I don't not swear because of my parents. They swear like truck drivers. No, I choosely go without swear words because, frankly, I think they're for weak people. If you can't think of something better to say then you're probably not capable of it. :)
  • I've been in AuSum Tennis for a little while now and I've gotten pretty confident of my abilities. I'm pretty sure I'll make JV next year, but that could make one of my worst fears realized: OTHER JACOB AS A TENNIS PARTNER, POSSIBLY. D:
  • And For Drivers Ed, I've had 3 of the 15 classes so far. I'll be going on my first drive soooooon.