Jacob's comments:
  • Sorry for yet another hiatus, and during another multi-parter, too! D: I'm a terrible author.

  • The reason for such a long wait on this comic is a combination of lack of time and laziness. I had tennis practic every day, a 2.5 hour math class twice a week, a full day of school every day, piano lessons once a week, and physical therapy once a week. Tennis is over now which opens up my schedule immensely, so I'll be able to work on 1000 and trpora again.

  • Anyways, the announcements I meantioned would come with this comic: Brandon is doing full time Running Start (classes taken at the community college for highschool and college credit), so I will see him MUCH less, which means he'll be in the comic less. The other announcement is that I did indeed make JV... but it wasn't that simple. I was juggled back and forth between JV and C-team, because while I was at the time on JV, two players who were out sick (one terminally!) both came back to the team and regained their positions above me, pushing me back down. Rest assured I ended the season on JV, however. Next year I aim to be top JV!

  • Next comic officially starts the school year AND our Halloween build-up!