Jacob's comments:
  • Before any of you start complaining about me not staying the same like you voted I should, know that this is just a one off. I wanted to see how it would look and decided on my own that I prefer the normal outlined style. It was fun to mix things up for this one though, I'm sure you can agree.
  • Sometime soon Megan should be having her birthday, which should be "fun".
  • Washington had its first major snow last night. It was so bad that the power almost went out on more than one occasion. It was ALSO so bad that they called a snow day for today, so here I am! Tomorrow may be called too if the snow doesnt melt in time. There shall be a comic about the snow, but it likely won't be made until sometime next month because of how far behind I am. I have 5 comics to make!
  • ALSO! You may now add me on Facebook!.....IF YOU CAN FIND ME! >:D MUAHAHAHAHAHA