Jacob's comments:
  • Yyyyyeah... If you've stuck with me since the verrrry beginning, you'd know my stance on Mark Twain. C:
  • The "Bible on the table thing" was a skit they did at our Veterans Day Assembly. They had a table in the middle of the room with a chair and some other items that represented.... Stuff. It was weird. And dumb.
  • The coloring in this comic is the result of Choice 4 that some of you voted for. I quite like it.... think I might keep it this way. What do you all think? It's all starting to feel real polished like. C:
  • There's a new feature at the bottom of the page. I think it'll help a bit since alot of my classrooms look alike. It, of course, doesn't NEED to be read, but I think it helps you mentally place where the comic takes place.
  • I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Hopefully I'll be updating on Sunday, too.