Jacob's comments:
  • If you don't get it, go buy an Atari 2600, newbie.

  • History time, friends! The date is 1830-1850. America is but 70ish years young. There are only about 25-30 states. Settlers rush into Texas, which at this time was still a part of Mexico (as was most of western America), and declare themselves a sovereign nation. Mexico refuses to recognize the Republic of Texas. The US later annexes Texas despite it meaning there would be 1 more slave state than there are free states (the balance must be maintained so one power can't outrule the other in Congress).
            Meanwhile in Oregon, settlers along the Oregon trail make it into Oregon and Washington. At this time, the Oregon territory encompassed everything from the north border of California to the south border of Alaska. President-to-be James K. Polk demanded America get everything south of the 54'40 parallel (seen in his running slogan "Fifty-four Forty or Fight!"), but it was agreed to split it with Britain at the 49th parallel to avoid a simultaneous conflict between Mexico and Britain (At this time America was in the Mexican-American War over Texas and Western America). YAY HISTORY!

  • SIX TO GO!