Jacob's comments:
  • Longtime readers may be thinking "Hey, Will looks kind of familiar... BUT WHYYYY?" The answer? HE IS MRS. ASTLE'S SON. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!
  • THREE TO GOOOOOO!Now, I'd like to share a silly conversation with you that I had on MSN. Behold:

    Tezzle says:
    *So for my Epic I've decided to do extensive research on...just about every religion. :U I got a list of the top ones practiced in the world...Judaism's surprisingly low.

    Jacob? ays:
    *It's like 5%.
    *Or is it 1%?

    Tezzle says:
    *More people practice Sikhism, and I don't even know what that is. :U

    Jacob says:

    Tezzle says:
    *"Chinese traditional" is higher...that's what it says. Doesn't even have a name.

    Jacob says:
    *It's because they've been systematically pruned every century or two.

    Tezzle says:
    *Nameless religions are beating you. You guys need better marketing.
    *Marry someone, make her convert, divorce her, repeat until Jews everywhere.
    *It's fullproof.

    *Our numbers went down by alot in the 40s. I dunno why.

    Tezzle says: