Jacob's comments:
  • Transcendentalists were basically the Hippies of the 1800s. They believed in communing with nature and that every living thing was connected back to it. Transcendentalism literally means to "transcend", or rise above, your physical limitations and become one with nature. It was ALL the rage in America for a few years. Mrs. Brown simply LOVES transcendentalism, but Mr. Arnold... well... he doesn't care for it, to say the least. Seriously. Mr. Arnold is the best teacher. Ever. He has, I'll remind you, a FACEBOOK FANPAGE. Up next is more transcendental trash talk.
  • I threw a little bone to Washington football fans in this comic. Please don't kill me for drawing the GOOD one instead of the Huskies.
  • I'm trying a new font for the comics. Unlike before, it's standardized for the whole comic (before, I used Ludica Sans for dialogue and the footer and MingLiU for the header. now I use Palatino Linotype.)
  • I've still got a bit of homework I need to get done over break, including this years COMPRESSSSSSSION PIECE! :D which, when done, will be posted on the site like last year. The hand on it is the best thing I've colored. Ever. So anyways, because of the homework load, I'm only going to get 2 more comics out before my break ends on January 3rd. But fear not, for I will continue updating into the new year (I'm backed up with scripts to #208 anyways)! 2011 is lookin' good!