Jacob's comments:
  • FYI, Jake is Brian's best friend! His girlfriend is trying to get us (Brian, Jake, and I) into some sort of bizarre threesome for reasons beyond my comprehension.
  • So today, I was off from school. Why? Because Seniors were presenting their culminating projects.
  • Maybe I should explain.
            Remember way back in my freshman year when I took a class called "Freshman Orientation" (Go check out comic #97- Orientation and Such for a reminder)? Well, this class wasn't just for preparing us for our highschool lives, but what lay beyond as well. The presentations we did in that class, which were about each of our futures, were just PRACTICES. Every year, we do another practice presentation to our ROAR advisor (ROAR is a 4 year long class that only occurrs once a month to help us prepare our presentations). Then finally, come senior year, the real presentation happens. You present in front of selected faculty members, your ROAR advisor (mine is Coach Hedger), and members of the District Board and the community. If you don't do your presentation, or do terribly on it, you flat out don't graduate. It's as simple as that. Today was the day that seniors finally had to take care of this...
  • And next year, it'll be mine.