Jacob's comments:
  • Whew! This sure took a while.
  • Welcome to my final year of High School! I hope it's as exciting and hectic for you as it is for me. For all those interested in knowing, I'm hoping to go to The University of Washington for college. Fingers crossed. If I get accepted, I'm gonna need to learn how to draw gothic architecture, and FAST. That campus is craaazy. Anyhow, I felt that this year should be formally started, as, with past years, things kind of just... started. But now you get an intro-type thing! Hooray for you, and hooray for 22 panels.
  • The work on L80 Comics is slow but not halted. Hoping to get it to the point where you can register very soon.
  • #235 is about our favorite transcendentalist AND favorite holiday!