Jacob's comments:
  • So, in early October, my copy of Walden arrived. I proceeded to TRY and annotate the whole thing (which you can see in one of those images at the bottom), but I couldn't make it past page 2... HIS WRITING IS JUST SO DRY! D: I may upload those two pages in their entirety one day... (I ripped the page out before burning the book).
  • The book is not completely gone. After letting it burn for a while, we took Amerie's garden hose to it and I later slipped it into a plastic bag, which I still have. One day I shall show Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Brown... Anyways, this is the last Halloween comic. When 244 comes out, the site will go back to it's blue design! (244 happened on Halloween but it isn't particularly Halloween-y, so I'm just calling it even with this as the last one.)
  • PS: "Moose! Indian!" were Thoreau's final words before he died.