Jacob's comments: 
  • This comic serves as a second intro comic of sorts- there are now only seven characters in 1000, four of which are not in this comic, but listed beneath it. A few more people from Mountainview go to UW with me, but at a school as big as UW (40,000+ students), I can go weeks at a time without so much as SEEING them, much less talking to them. Because of that, I'm cutting Kevin, Alina, Sara, Aalia, and Deenpreet off foreverrrrrrr. All of the unnamed guests are gone, too, so this really is a fresh start! 
  • From now on, when I have important information to share, I'll just include it into the actual comic image, as you can see above. Yes, I'm taking Chinese. 200 comics ago, the very thought was taboo.
  • Happy 4th Annual October Ghost Hunting, everyone! Let me know how many ghosts you can find!
  • Third Annual , Second Annual, First Annual. Enjoy!