About Portfolio
What is Portfolio?
Portfolio is where you can find all images and projects that do not fit into the other main sections of L80 Comics, demonstrating my breadth of graphical skills across an array of mediums and subject matters. Due to the nature of this site, its contents span back over 8 years, allowing viewers to easily follow my growth throughout my fledgling graphic design career. 
What is a "Concentration"?
"Concentration" is the term used by the high school AP-course college board to describe a set of twelve pictures that share a common theme. During the course of my high school career, I submitted to the AP Art board 3 separate times- all 3 Concentration sets can thusly be viewed in the earlier section of Portfolio's archive. The themes found in these Concentrations are as follows: Trees (2010), Light (2011), and Water/Bubbles (2012).